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The Future of Photography … and of Photo Workshops

By Mark Anderson 2 years ago 1345 Views No comments
In the last couple of blogs I’ve speculated about the future of photography. I have a few more thoughts along those lines, before I move on to other blog topics.

A Speculative Look at the Future of Photography

By Mark Anderson 2 years ago 1447 Views No comments
My camera – along with a lot of other cameras these days – allows me to shoot 30 frames per second, but limits the image size to be 8 megapixels in that case. This technology is the result of the camera’s ability to shoot 4K video, and to extract still images from video shot at 30 frames per second.

Twitter for Business – What Really Works

By Mark Anderson 2 years ago 1443 Views No comments
I’ve decided finally to use our Twitter account to promote our business. For those who wish, you can find us on Twitter at @toursabroad

Photography in the 21st Century

By Mark Anderson 2 years ago 1516 Views No comments
Despite the title, this will not be a discourse on the current state of photography in general, but rather very specifically my take on how I want to pursue photography today. I just bought my latest digital camera – more on that later.

Landscape Photography – From Three Perspectives

By Mark Anderson 3 years ago 1529 Views No comments

Photo Tours Abroad specializes in photo tours to Asian destinations and we find that an expanded perspective on landscape photography makes sense