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Preparing to go: Packing light

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Being Prepared vs Travelling Light

The Principle

There is a balance to be struck between carrying everything that might be needed and having luggage that is manageable. We prioritize camera equipment over everything else and therefore suggest you question every items suitability. If you can''t think of a specific situation where you will use it the leave it at home.

Necessary or Contingency?

In deciding what to take and what to leave it helps to be clear on those events that are sure to happen and those that only might happen.

Wherever you go and in whichever travel style you can be pretty certain it will get dark. Taking a head-torch makes sense, especially as we are going to get you out for a sunrise/sunset or two.

Rain is less certain and so you should look at weather reports before deciding what protection is required. In many cases, a small umbrella will suffice. We are not likely to spend prolonged periods out in heavy rain anywhere (we''d look for an alternative venue/activity) so the Goretex jacket and leggings, gaiters etc. can all stay at home (for the next UK summer camping trip).

Many travel sites advise take a whole host of contingency equipment. If you do bring all of these items you can be sure to have the largest bags (set of bags) in the group.

Why Pack Light?

  • Over-packing is something done by novices. Having everything necessary and nothing else declares your status as a savvy traveller in the same way that your choice of camera equipment says something about your photography.
  • Less items mean that each is easier to keep safe and to find when required. Travelling light goes hand in hand with being organized.
  • Large awkward bags tend to get placed at the bottom of piles and handled last.
  • Airlines may impose extra charges and/or additional procedures. Better to stay within published limits.

Packing Light website tips

One Bag: a non-commercial Web site that teaches — in exhaustive (exhausting?) detail — the art and science of travelling light.

Packing Smart and Traveling Light by Rick Steves: The importance of packing light cannot be overemphasized, but, for your own good, I''ll try

Universal Packing List: Generate a custom packing list for any journey

Specific Questions

We issue Trip Dossiers for each package and these cover practical issues as well as giving more detail about the planned itinerary. We are always happy to provide further clarification, so do email us if you have any questions.