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The Future of Photography … and of Photo Workshops

The Future of Photography … and of Photo Workshops
By Mark Anderson 2 years ago 1345 Views No comments

In the last couple of blogs I’ve speculated about the future of photography. I have a few more thoughts along those lines, before I move on to other blog topics.

The message seems clear that photography has become on one level defined by the wizardry of the software folks – the people who write computer code, and enable cameras to take better and better photos.

Note that I said that the cameras are taking the photos. I think that is more true today than ever before, and as software and algorithms in computer chips become ever more sophisticated, the overall quality of images will inevitably improve.

Most of us who are serious about our photography would say, though, that it is the brain and the eye of the photographer that is the most important component of creating truly good and interesting photo images. The camera is only a tool; albeit a more and more sophisticated one.

Perhaps it is fair to say that even as image quality improves – more accurate exposures, less likelihood of focus blur, etc. – the question remains as to whether or not the art of photography is being expanded or not.


For a company like Photo Tours Abroad, where our primary product is photography workshops and tours, which segment of the market should we target? Let’s admit, there is some appeal to the idea of creating photo tours for anybody who takes photos ... because in today’s world, if you own a smartphone, very likely you already take a lot of photos. You don’t need a fancy rig and expensive lenses to capture the world around you.

While that is true, I don’t see that segment of the market as being something we are really interested in.

Instead, we will continue to focus on creating compelling itineraries for people who take their photography seriously – you all know who you are, so I don’t have to supply a list of attributes to define who is a ‘serious’ photographer.

Whether you consider yourself an artist, or alternatively a craftsman with the goal of better mastering your equipment, you are the kind of photographer we think about as we create our workshop itineraries.

The other aspect of that process is for us to identify the best Guest Artist group leaders, and recruit them. We are always looking for photographers who can convey their excitement about photography to a group, and pass on their knowledge of how best to capture a scene.

If you know of anybody who fits that description, we’d love to hear from you.