We have built on our original success in China and now offer a range of exciting photography workshops and tours in several destinations around the world. Additional destinations are being researched and will be launched when we are satisfied we have the right products and partners in place.

Our emphasis is the photography

We have learned not to make any compromises in this respect. Each program includes opportunities to capture world-class images in locations with excellent photographic potential.

We normally stay in each hotel for several days, and use the hotel as a base for exploring nearby areas. Our tours and workshops are not designed to visit half a dozen or more destinations, with long travel days during the tour. We feel it is better to slow down and experience an area for 2-5 days, rather than rushing from one famous site to the next. We pay for long days for our guides and drivers so that early starts and late finishes are the norm.

"... comfortable
but not necessarily luxurious."
Chandelao Garh, boutique accomodation

In each destination we stay in accomodation that is comfortable but not necessarily luxurious. In general this works out to be 4-star hotels but occasionally, in keeping with the above, we may include nights close to photographic opportunities which then use the 'best available' local accomodation rather than missing out on a prime photo location. Such departures from our regular standards are always noted in the relevant trip information.

Not all destinations warrant the same range of tour styles nor offer similar photographic opportunities. For example, some destinations may work better as 3-5 day Extensions rather than as full-blown tours or workshops, and will be promoted as such.

If you don't see what you would like, please do Contact Us

We also realize that there are many special interests that we have not catered to and therefore offer the Designer Series . If you have very particular requirements in mind then contact us and we will let you know if we are able to oblige.