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How do we select guest artists to work with?

Initially we will be attracted to a particular guest artist because we see something of their work. Something about their images must inspire us and must grab our attention.Then it is time to get hard-nosed.

Artists with a following

In the world of tour operations, costs that can be shared provide better value. We prefer to work with artists who already have an established following as this speaks volumes for their abilities and also bodes well for sales.

Once we hit minimum numbers for a trip we are able to confirm with participants and local service providers and allow everyone to prepare in good time. We don't like anyone to feel rushed if we can help it.

Many of our guest artists have established reputations in their home country but are less sure about leading trips abroad. That's where our knowledge and experience allows special things to happen.

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Artists as educators

The guest artist as instructor

Call them photography workshops or photo tours, our trips, are designed to allow you to develop as a photographer. Our Discovery Series includes instruction by a guest artist (or artists) such that your skills can be taken to the highest levels.

Each guest artist brings a different set of skills to their workshops; they have their own personalities and beliefs. By putting themselves in the lead role they are committing themselves to you, the participants, and strive to deliver an experience that will have you craving the next.

We do not require our guest artists to deliver in any standard approach or style. Sessions are generally informal and with plenty of positive feedback and range from capture through to workflow and processing issues. You are always free to ask questions so gain as much from the trip as you can.

Artists with a passion

We carefully select our guest artists based on their technical ability but moreso for their ability to produce images that are full of passion; passion for the subject and passion for the art that creates them. This spills over into every aspect of our workshops and ensures that you will enthuse about your experience and return time and again.

We hope you will enjoy browsing through the bio's and representative images for our guest artists and are able to find someone there to fire up your imagination.

Art with passion

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