David Cobb

David Cobb
My photographs are an extension of the connection I feel with the outdoors and the wilderness, and they reflect my deep respect for nature and the fragility of the environment.


David Cobb describes himself as a photographer of landscapes, gardens & nature. He sees the same photographic elements - light, color, form or expression - appearing on this small scale just as much in his general landscape works.

His entry into these fields stems from his days as a long-distance hiker. Although this was initially confined to North America he has recently walked across Iceland, for the experience and to capture a wide range of images for his stock photography collection.

In order to get the most from his outdoor sessions David spends much time researching his venues and the local nature. The season obviously plays a significant role, as do the lunar and solar timings. David also delves into botanical and geological reference books to be sure that he discovers any rare or unusual opportunities for each location.

David''s garden photography has been published in such auspicious magazines as American Gardener, Organic Gardening, and Nature''s Best Photography.

I try and capture what I like and feel about my subject
- hopefully that is conveyed to the viewer

Representative images

Forever Red. Credit David Cobb

Framing the Tea House. Credit David Cobb

Moonbridge Sunrise. Credit David Cobb

To see more of David''s work, visit his website.

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