Gary Waidson

Wayland on the Arctic Trail


Gary Waidson first picked up a camera when he was fifteen and knew that life would never be quite the same again. Self taught at first, then studying at night school lead on to a full time course at Gloucester in the Eighties. Specialising in Advertising and Editorial Photography, he followed the traditional path of assisting established photographers before setting up his own business a few years later.

Of course, starting out when the medium was dependent upon film and paper, he developed a strong practical background in technique, including the darkroom arts. However, as time progressed, he found the constraints of commercial photography increasingly frustrating.

In the mid Nineties, he decided on a change of direction to pursue another of his interests, teaching history, something he still enjoys to this day.

In his own time, now freed from commercial considerations and compromises, Gary rediscovered his deep love of photography and the landscape.

Some of my best work has come from times when I have been low impact camping in the wilderness and such trips are another of my passions.
Wild Camping

He has now thoroughly embraced the digital medium but still believes that capturing great images relies heavily on being in the right place at the right time.

For me the most important part of any of my pictures is still that fraction of a second where time, place, vision and technology come together to make a truly unique image.

More recently, Gary has started to explore the new creative possibilities of night landscape and low light photography opened up by the latest camera technologies.

His picture of Tandlewood won second prize in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2008 and he has maintained a strong presence in the competition with Commended or Highly Commended works almost every year since.


Gary (aka Wayland) lives with his partner Debbie and a very old dog called Skadi near Saddleworth Moor in northern England. He is currently working on his first book which should be published later this year.

Representative images

Camp Quinzhee Viking Ships Lofoten Eagle Smoke of Creation

You can see more of his photography on his Waylandscape web site or visit his other web sites dedicated to living history or wilderness living or through his hub page here.

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