Gene Tewksbury

Gene Tewksbury


It's a changing world and that world is becoming more and more homogeneous. As a result, Gene endeavors to experience different cultures and unspoiled lands while they still exist. His passion has been leading photography tours to exotic destinations and introducing his students to the magic of the world around them through the lens of a camera.

Gene’s love of travel and adventure began early in life; His childhood home in Virginia, USA was named “Gypsy Hollow” to reflect his family’s wanderlust. His earliest memories are traveling for a year thru Central and South America with his parents via a VW micro bus.

Having discovered a talent with a camera Gene established his photography businesses in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado with a focus on tours and education. During “off seasons” he takes on commercial clients, mostly corporate events and product photography.

Tour Style

Gene travels to experience other cultures and peoples, preferring to balance his time between visiting the more popular “must see” locations with “off the beaten path” locations where a more realistic experience is to be had. Part of the immersion in the local culture is using local transport and eateries in order to experience the culture. Such encounters are best when impromptu and there is always a risk that nothing special will happen. The magic comes when it does.

A tour with Gene is never a “tour bus / follow the flag” affair.

Gene’s photographic style epitomizes the cultures he travels seeking to record events in an editorial and candid fashion whenever possible. This does not mean that images are not often planned with great time and detail. It is the planning that allows him to produce seemingly “posed” images that were never posed at all.

Representative images

Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury Credit: Gene Tewksbury

To see more of Gene's images visit his website.

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