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George & Lydia

George DeWolfe

George DeWolfe

George's Bio

George DeWolfe’s photography is filled with seeming contradictions of abstract/real and known/unknown issues that seem to fuse and resolve within his singular images. They are supremely of the moment.

George De Wolfe, Huangshan

George’s images are born out of the penetrating awareness of photographic moments that are highly personal, intuitive and sublime. Set simultaneously in a synthesis with the structures of ancient Chinese landscape painting and Western landscape genres, George’s artistic practice incorporates ideas from Buddhism and Gestalt Psychology, and Lightness Perception, and encourages photographers to recapture a certain perceptual naiveté that we inadvertently unlearn as we grow. George’s publishing credits include At Home in the Wild, a book on New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Digital Photography Fine Print Workshop, and most recently, B&W Printing. He was a Senior Editor at View Camera and Camera Arts for 18 years.

George De Wolfe, Chinese man

His most recent honor was Award for Artistic Excellence presented by The National Park Service. George has photographed for many environmental organizations over the past 40 years: Appalachian Mountain Club, Sierra Club, Friends of the Earth, Mass Audubon, National Park Service, America Rivers, and Friends of Acadia.

Lydia Goetze

Lydia Goetze

Lydia's Bio

Lydia Goetze brings to photography a life of teaching, authenticity and extensive traveling in developing countries. Using photography as a way to see more deeply into a culture and its landscape, she combines the Buddhist and Quaker meditative traditions in her Contemplative work.

Lydia Goetze, China

Lydia’s photographs explore the boundaries between form and motion and the shift from real to abstract exhibited in her color landscapes. Her contemplative approach stretches her seeing beyond just the real and defines fascinating aspects of the unknown.

Lydia Goetze, Hadlock Pond

Her teaching is concentrated in Contemplative Photography, as a mentor, and as an instructor for beginning digital and color imaging at the Maine Media Workshops. She practices and encourages experimentation as a way to grow and develop photographic vision. Lydia is the past A. Wells Peck Teaching Chair at Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts (25 years) and is represented in Who’s Who of American Teachers.

Lydia has traveled and photographed extensively over her career: Alaska, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, and the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador. She is represented in the Addison Gallery of American Art. Her degrees are from Harvard and Johns Hopkins.

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